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So after the success and fun I had writing my 365 Days of Creativity blog in 2015, I have decided to continue my creative writing adventures with a new blog titled fiction. art. music. which will not be as busy as my last blog which I wrote a post for every single day for an entire year but will be a blog that I will write on as I am inspired. Writing everyday was a lot of fun and a lot of work and now that I know I can do it, I am ready to challenge myself to create more. This blog will consist of short stories, poetry, photographs, film, videos, music, paintings, drawings, artwork and any other work that I feel inspired to share.

I will set some rules for myself, first one being that I must post at least twice per week. Also, I will not be writing on weekends, this will force me to keep a writing/creating schedule that can go along with my work schedule.

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I hope you all enjoy! Have a great New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


Day 365: Happy New Years Eve!!!!

I am thankful for all of my family, my friends, followers, and all of my loved ones. I pray that everyone in the world loves fully, loves themselves, loves each other, and love the world. We’re all here together, it’s time to share and care. I pray that 2016 is safe and a blessing for everyone in the world. I love you all!


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Day 364: Icy Blue Poetry

Icy blues when I think of you
My heart is frozen in the times we shared
Freezing cold in days of old
My mind never stops dreaming of the past
When you lips touched mine
And our souls combined
When our skin caressed my skin
And every dream of the future was grand
Icy blues when I cry about you
Sometimes I wish I never met you
But then I would have never loved

Jon Ottosson

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Day 363: Photography & Poetry

Love hearts on the beach
You’re the only thing I think of
Kisses in the deep blue sea
You’re the one I dream of

Darrell Cassell

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Day 362: Orgullo, Inspiration and Culture

selena_quintanilla_pack_by_jacksonspears-d5r67ksGrowing up, music has always been a HUMONGOUS part of my life and being multiracial and multicultural (Mexican, Black, Native and more) there were so many amazing artists that I looked to for inspiration. From Tina Turner to Celia Cruz; The Temptations, Earth, Wind & Fire, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Patti LaBelle, Diana Ross, James Brown, The Fugees, 2Pac, Eagles, Robert Johnson and the list goes on and on and on… Music has always been in me but there is one artist who has my favor for all time and it’s not Beyoncรฉ, although she does own a close number two in my heart!!! I am taking about the one and only Queen of Tejano music; the irreplaceable and indisputable great songstress of my childhood; Selena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a child I grew up on her techno cumbias and revolutionary dance hits! She was talented, fierce, original and adaptable. Her music brought about a surge of Mexican-American pride and culture throughout the Southwest and the rest of the US. And she didn’t even have to sing in English to do so. Her beauty and grace on the stage was unbeatable and flawless! She is my favorite singer of all time and I will always love her music. I wish I could have sung with her but she is in my heart and I will continue to sing her songs!!!

So this post is dedicated to her and her final big show:


Concert Astrodome 94' 35 tumblr_luqyf6boxG1qjit69o1_500 tumblr_mq2spmHNbp1qkehiro1_1280

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Day 361: Music & Fiction (โ€œCan’t Feel My Faceโ€ by The Weeknd)- Finale

The finale of my Acrostic story based on the songs by The Weeknd’s album Beauty Behind the Madness.

Crashing and crumbling, the walls were coming down around Everly and Arius as they rushed to the stairs. The bunker was under attack. Everly made sure she was strapped to the gods with knives, stakes, and silver before she followed Arius up the long stairway.
Arius only needed his teeth and claws to face the vampire intruders and once he made it to the main level heโ€™d shift into a wolf and wage war.
Nothing was going to stop Everly from taking out her rage and wrath on some bloodsucking monsters; she would exact her revenge on all of them. โ€œSteer clear of Mattin, the tall blonde orange-eyed vampire,โ€ Arius warned Everly, โ€œheโ€™s the leader and the most dangerous.
That was all Everly needed to hear and she knew who her target was as she kicked open the door to the main floor and joined the battle between werewolves, humans, and vampires. Arius quickly shifted into a giant wold and attacked.

Fighting, kicking, punching, stabbing, Everly slayed vampire after vampire searching for the vampire Mattin, the one whoโ€™s arrival off the evil that claimed her sister, Avadra.
Everly dodged a silver-eyed vampireโ€™s fist and quickly kicked him in the face. The vampire hissed and leaped into the air.
Everly pulled out her giant hunting knife and spun into the direction of the silver-eyed vampire. She stabbed the knife into the vampireโ€™s heart and he turned to ash.
Luck was not Everlyโ€™s thing, she relied solely on skill and emotion. She watched as Oliver and Arius fought and slayed other vampires, their strong wolf jaws tearing through flesh and shredding bones.

Mattin soon revealed himself as he watched Everly fight and kill his vampire soldiers. He was intrigued.
โ€œYou are interesting,โ€ Mattin hissed as he approached Everly. Everly swiftly charged the tall, orange-eyed vampire, but he quickly punched her to the ground. She struggled to recover.

Fast and strong, Oliver quickly pounced on Mattin, biting and clawing at the vampire king. Everly got back to her feet as Mattin grabbed Oliver by the back of his neck and threw him against the wall.
Arius swiftly charged Mattin and chomped down on his neck. Everly watched as Mattin ripped Arius off of his neck and kicked him across the room.
Cares all gone, Everly pulled out Henryโ€™s knife, grinned, and shot across the room to Mattin. She jumped on top of him, wrapped her legs around his neck, and flipped him onto his back.
Everly raised the knife above her head and said, โ€œthis is for Avadra and Henry.โ€ Then she stabbed the knife into Mattinโ€™s heart and he screamed out, โ€œAvadra isnโ€™t dead.โ€ Mattin turned to ash as his last words pounded into Everlyโ€™s ears… What just happened, Everly thought, her heart stopping in her chest.

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