Day 335: Two Sentence Story Tuesday

Jeran refused to accept his fate as he ran through the cold dark woods, he was not about to become those sick pieces of shits’ next victim; he had been through too much bullshit already to just let those maniacs kill him. Jeran had just accepted the fact that he was gay after spending the entire thirty-four years of his life pretending to be something he was not and he never even had the chance to find true love, so he tightened his grip around the giant axe and waited for those motherf*ckers to find him; the prey would become the predator.


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Day 307: Two Sentence Story Tuesday

Rolling w/ the Fog

Leu turned around and looked back for the first time since he escaped that horrendous cage; the fog was rolling in and he smiled. He knew Gregory would never catch him.


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Day 303: 13 Nights of Halloween- Horror Film (Day 12)

When I watch horror movies I take in the entire experience, the cinematography, the script, the acting, the soundtrack. Horror movies that utilize old blues songs in scenes always win me over. Below is a list of great songs

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Day 302: 13 Nights of Halloween- Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (Day 11)

J’waun watched silently from the dark
The room was black, save for a single spark
His eyes glowed with excitement as he gazed
The experiment had him in a daze

He was not supposed to be there that late
He was an intern for Doctor Thomas
Trying to finish his research before eight
His experiment had so much promise

He thought he’d be alone that night but then,
He heard the scientists, saw the green light
Curiosity got the best of him
They were creating a monster that night

-12 lined poem with 10 syllables per line

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Day 298: 13 Nights of Halloween- Scream Queens (Day 7)


As soon as Janae spotted the big, old gray house, her anger increased. Adam had left her stranded on the road over an hour before to go look for help and he didn’t think to come back for her to let her know he called AAA. He was probably eating cookies and milk, laughing about how long it took for his girlfriend to finally leave the broken down car and find the house, Janae thought. Adam could be such an ass. Janae sprinted down the long, muddy driveway and up the patio steps. She knocked on the door, her curly hair soaking wet from the rain. She heard rumbling around inside the house as she shivered in the cold.

The door screeched open and a short, chubby elderly woman glared at her.

“We don’t want any,” the woman hissed.

“I’m not selling anything,” Janae replied. “I’m looking for my boyfriend.”

“Ain’t no young boys around here,” the woman responded.

“Oh, really,” Janae squinted, “because our car smoked up about twenty minutes down the road, and he left an hour ago to get help.”

“Well he didn’t come here,” the woman groaned.

Janae sighed and said, “May I can come in and use your phone to call AAA, please? I know it’s late but I can’t go back to the car in this.”

The woman rolled eyes, opened her door wider, and pointed to the back. “The phone’s at the end of the hallway,” she groaned.

“Thank you so much,” Janae exclaimed.

The woman closed the door behind Janae and disappeared into another room. Janae could smell that the woman was cooking something in the kitchen as she made her way down the hallway; it had sharp smell to it. Janae found the phone down a second hallway and quickly called AAA, as soon as she hung up the phone she looked around the hallway and dialed her mother’s number; she made sure to tell her mother where she was and that Adam was missing.

The sound of dishes falling made Janae jump as she hung up the phone.

“Is everything okay, ma’am?” she called out down the hallway.

No response. Janae took a deep breath and made her back to the front door. She put her hand on the door knob and the sound of feet stomping around upstairs made her freeze. She had seen enough scary movies to know that it was time to get the heck out of dodge.

“Thanks for letting me use your phone,” Janae called out, “I’m gonna go wait for the mechanic at my car.”

No response. Her conscious was telling her to go check on the woman and make sure that the crash wasn’t her falling down to her death, but her gut was telling her to pull open that door and ran as fast and as far away from that house as she could get. But her conscious won out as she slowly made her way through the living room, towards the room she assumed the woman had gone into. Janae’s heart was pounding as she pushed open the swinging door to the kitchen. The woman was nowhere to be found but Janae could see that the big pot on the stove was bubbling over so she quickly rushed across the kitchen to turn down the stove. She figured that she might as well take a peak at what the woman was overcooking so she slowly removed the lid from the giant pot. As the bubbles died down Janae let out a bone chilling scream at the sight of Adams severed head boiling in the pot.

“So you’re staying for dinner?” the woman asked from behind Janae.

[Word Count: 615]

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Day 297: 13 Nights of Halloween- “Imitation is the highest form of flattery” (Day 6)

For tonight’s post I have decided to post an old screenplay I wrote when I was a freshmen in high school. I had competed in a poetry contest my freshmen year; I entered two original poems that I had written. I won first and third place which allowed me to compete in the district competition which I won and received a scholarship to take a creative writing class at Phoenix Community College. That summer I was blessed to take a class taught by an amazing Latina/Chicana author, the phenomenal, Stella Pope Duarte. That was one of the best classes I have ever taken and it was my first college class as a high school student. I wrote this piece for an assignment that centered around screenwriting. I hope you enjoy!

Mirror on the Wall

(As Heidi slowly regains consciousness she realizes that she’s in an unfamiliar room tied to a chair with a blind fold over her eyes.)

You’re finally awake. (Steps out of the shadows.) I was beginning to think that I over drugged you.

Who’s there? Where am I? (Wobbles in the chair.)

Why is it that girls like you always get what they want? (Paces back and forth.) I never lie, I don’t cheat, and I definitely don’t make other girls feel like their lives are miserable. But you come along with your long legs and your big brown eyes and you just expect everyone to bow down to you. So tell me; why do girls like you always get what they want?

Sienna is that you? (Secretly tries to free her hands.) What are you talking about? I thought we were friends.

Friends! (Pulls Sienna by the hair and swing her head around.) Friends don’t make up lies about their friends; friends don’t steal their friends boyfriends, and friends certainly don’t make their friends feel like shit on the anniversary of their mother’s death. What do you know about being a friend?

What are you talking about? (Continues to try to free her hands.)

What you don’t remember? (Paces some more.) Freshmen year I was the new girl; the one with no friends, no sense of style, no life worth caring about. But of course you wouldn’t remember. I mean what does it matter to the Teen Queen who’s only worry is who’s invitation she’s going to accept to the Junior Prom. But I remember oh yes I remember how you taunted and tortured and apathetically made my first year without my mother a living hell.

Oh I see; a pathetic little girl who couldn’t stand up for herself just trying to get back at the mean ole popular girl is that it.

WRONG! (Puts the knife to her neck.) I’m not just gonna get back at you. I’m going to kill you and rid the world of your useless existence. But before I get rid of you I want you to see that you didn’t leave this world without doing some sort of good. You gave me your life.

What are you talking about?

Out with the old and in with the new. (Removes the blindfold from Heidi’s face.)

It was you, wasn’t it? You killed all my friends.

Yes it was me and you thought it was poor innocent little Greg. Too bad he wasn’t around long enough to watch you die. (Points to a corner of the room to reveal a blood covered body. Laughs.)

You crazy bitch! (Tears drop down her face.)

(Punches Heidi in the face.) I prefer eccentric but yeah I guess; that’s what happens when your mother dies and your sent off to live with your abusive father. (Grabs Heidi by the hair.)

Bitches like you always lose in the end. (Frees her hands.)

Is that right? (Puts the knife to Heidi’s neck.) I’ll try to remember that when I’m living your life.


(Heidi quickly tackles Sienna to the floor. The knife falls out of Sienna’s hands. Before Heidi has a chance to get the knife Sienna shoves her across the floor. Heidi runs to the door and looks for a place to hide. Sienna manages to get up shortly after Heidi leaves and follows her out of the door.)

There’s no use hiding Heidi. I’ll find you.

(Heidi finds a closet and hides inside it. As she backs to the corner of the closet a body falls on top of her and causes her to fall. Heidi places her hand over her mouth to trap her scream. As she pushes the body of her she finds a gun. She slowly reaches for the gun picks it up and gets to her feet. It’s loaded. Heidi opens the door and walks down the hall.)

Heidi you can’t hide from me. I’ve worked too hard to let you ruin my plans.

(Hearing a sound from the room at the end of the hall Sienna walks into the room and flicks on the light. It’s in a bathroom and a door inside the bathroom is closed. Sienna goes to unlock the door. Noticing her reflection in the mirror she stops to look at it.)

Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the most beautiful girl of all?

(Sienna sees Heidi’s reflection creeping up from behind her and quickly turns around. Heidi raises the gun and shoots Sienna.)

I’m still the most beautiful girl of all.

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